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Admission Procedure for Residential Treatment

Admission Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines before applying for admission to the Residential Treatment Program (4-6 months in duration) at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community:

  • All admissions to the program are voluntary; referrals may be initiated by the individual, physicians, service providers, and the criminal justice system.
  • An assessment must be completed by Stonehenge staff to determine eligibility
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Individuals over the age of eighteen with a history of acute or chronic substance abuse; - please note, this is not a co-ed program
    • Participation in previous residential treatment
    • All criminal charges must be resolved
    • Must be stable in regards to mental health medications and symptoms
    • No significant physical impairments that would impede program participation 
    • Standardized assessment tools completed (eg. GAIN, ADAT)
  • Exclusionary criteria:
    • Prior convictions of arson and sexual offenses
    • Taking any narcotic medications (with the exception of Suboxone/Methadone)
  • A recent medical exam may be required prior to admission
  • Applicants must be adequately withdrawn from drugs and alcohol before coming to Stonehenge for a minimum of 5 days

Treatment Assessment Process

Once an applicant has contacted Stonehenge and expressed interest in the program, a treatment assessment is required. The assessment process consists of two separate intake interviews. 

In the first interview, personal information is gathered and the severity of substance abuse is assessed through questionnaires and contact with previous treatment sources. In a group setting, applicants and their families are then provided with an overview of the treatment program, with a senior resident available to answer questions. For applicants who are unable to attend due to long distance or incarceration, this interview will occur through a telephone assessment or institutional visit. If the Stonehenge program is assessed to be a good treatment match and the applicant has demonstrated sufficient motivation, he or she is deemed eligible.   

Once an applicant has been considered eligible and is accepted to the program, a second interview is necessary on the day of admission into the program. This interview is necessary to confirm that all requirements have been met and that the applicant is appropriately prepared for treatment and adequately withdrawn from substances.

Please note that some of our programs have wait lists. Please contact one of our Admission Coordinators at (519) 837-1470 for more information. Press extension 227 for our Men's Admission Coordinator or extension 226 for our Women's Admission Coordinator.

Stonehenge program information can also be obtained by calling the ConnexOntario Drug & Alcohol Helpline at 1-800-565-8603 or by visiting the ConnexOntario Drug & Alcohol Helpline website (click the 'Directory' icon and then enter 'Stonehenge' and 'Guelph' in the search boxes to see all programs).

Application Process

If you are applying for a residential program at Stonehenge you must submit a completed application. We ask that you answer all applicable questions and provide as much information as possible. All information will be kept confidential. Use the link below to print the form, complete it by hand and submit it by fax or mail. Instructions are found within the form. All forms should be directed to our Administration Offices where they will be forwarded to the appropriate Admissions Coordinator. If you still have questions about the application process or our residential programs, please contact Reception staff or an Admission Coordinator, their contact information can be found on the application as well as our Contact web page.  

       STC Application for Residential Treatment


If you have been accepted into the Stonehenge residential treatment program, please review the following documents to understand what belongings you may or may not bring with you. The list of Prohibited Items outlines things not allowed in the program, like cell phones or mp3 players. The list of Recommended Items outlines what and how much you should pack.  This list includes our Completion Fund - a process where new residents are required to bring enough funds to cover their transportation home when they leave the program. This could be either cash for a taxi, bus, train or airplane ticket or the actual ticket itself (providing it doesn't expire prior to program completion). We do not accept cheques as this makes the completion process more difficult.  

If you still have questions about the admission process, please don't hesitate to contact our Admissions Staff (phone number and extensions noted above).


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