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Opioid Substitution Treatment Program


The Harm Reduction Approach

The philosophy of the Stonehenge Opioid Substitution Development Program is one of Harm Reduction. The Harm Reduction philosophy is a public health philosophy that seeks to lessen the dangers that substance misuse causes to an individual and society. Education and other interventions are utilized to improve the safety of substance-related lifestyle choices. The desired outcome of a Harm Reduction approach is to decrease high-risk behaviours that in turn would support a decrease in HIV/AIDS infection and criminal activity. The Harm Reduction approach also improves the health status of an individual, increases employability and promotes positive contribution to the community.

Support Coordination for Opioid Substitution Clients in Residential Treatment

Stonehenge offers support coordination to individuals in residential treatment who are on methadone or suboxone. Clients receive guidance, support, crisis intervention, group counselling and one-to-one counselling with our Harm Reduction Team.

Support Coordination for Opioid Substitution Clients on the Wait List

Stonehenge also offers support coordination to individuals on methadone or suboxone who are on the Wait List for residential treatment. Our Harm Reduction Team are available to help potential new clients navigate this often challenging time as they wait for treatment and still have to manage their opioid substitution treatment.

Opioid Substitution Education Workshop

Enhancing community connections is also a priority of the Stonehenge Harm Reduction Program.  Our community education strategy includes outreach opportunities such as our free two-hour Opioid Substitution Education Workshop for service providers in the community. The goal of this workshop is to increase the knowledge base and awareness of service providers who are involved with clients in opioid substitution treatment programs. For a fee, Stonehenge also offers a longer more comprehensive version of this workshop to service providers.

For more information, please contact our Harm Reduction Counsellor at (519) 837-0759.




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