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Stonehenge Residential Programs

The 'Therapeutic Community' Treatment Model
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community uses a modified 'therapeutic community' treatment model. Our approach is based on the belief that chronic addiction comes with an acquired lifestyle and that recovery requires a holistic approach that challenges deeply ingrained behaviours and teaches healthy alternatives. Believing that change is most effective when it is experienced and shared, we encourage our residents to assist each other in every aspect of their treatment. Our professional staff function as facilitators, guides and role models. Together, residents, staff and alumni comprise a supportive community in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Residential Treatment - Program Structure
While our services are offered to men and women alike, our residential program is not co-ed. The men's and women's programs are run on separate properties. Research shows that men and women not only become addicted for different reasons, but also respond to treatment in different ways. Maintaining separate programs allows for these gender-specific issues to be addressed. However, the overall structure of both the men's and women's 4-6 month residential treatment program is the same, and consists of the following core components:

Phase 1 - Orientation
(2 weeks)
The Orientation phase allows both the Stonehenge staff and the new resident the opportunity to determine "program fit". All new residents are paired with a supportive peer (usually a senior resident) to guide and support them through the various parts of the program. In this phase, no outside communication with family or friends is allowed so that the resident can focus on the program.

Dougan Hall, Men's residence

Phase 2 - Active Treatment (3-4 months)
Active Treatment represents the core component our treatment program. This phase includes individual and group therapy, workforce therapy, leisure & learning activities, art therapy, life skills, anger management as well as outings in the community. It also includes our Recognition Awards every Friday. The program duration is a range because we cater certain components of our program to address the specific needs of each individual resident. We recognize that every person is different and will progress through the program at their own pace.

Century Home, Women's residence

Phase 3 - Re-entry & Transition (4-6 weeks)
In the Re-entry phase, residents focus on rebuilding connections and prepare for transition back to their home community. This often involves searches for employment, housing and education. Building recovery supports, developing community connections and relapse prevention are integral components of this phase. When required, Re-entry Staff can help facilitate trips to local resource centres, libraries and government offices.

Morrow Hall, Men's residence

Commencement is our monthly celebration for graduating residents. Family, friends, fellow residents and Stonehenge staff attend this event to support our client's succesful completion of the residential program. Commencement occurs on the first Thursday of every month from 7:00 - 9:00pm.


Residential Opioid Substitution Treatment Program
Program delivery of the Stonehenge Residential Opioid Substitution Treatment Program is based on a client-centred approach of mutual respect and support, informed choice and a view of methadone and subloxone as medication and clinical intervention. The program consists of four integrated components:

 1)  Support coordination and clinical support from our Opioid Treatment Team/Group Therapists
 2)  Medical support through our partnership with a local physician
 3)  Methadone dispensing through our partnership with a local pharmacy
 4)  Urine screening through our partnership with local laboratory services

Coordination of the above services is done by our Harm Reduction Team. The team provides support coordination, crisis intervention, education and community referrals. Program activities include orientation to the program, weekly appointments with the physician, weekly urine screening and weekly or monthly therapy groups, dependant on client stability.

For more information on our Opioid Substitution Program Components, please see our Opioid Substitution Treatment Program page.


Friends & Family Support Program
The Friends & Family Support Program is a monthly staff-facilitated group where family members and friends of residents can meet to receive support and learn valuable skills to cope with the impact of addiction. The group meets on the third Saturday of every month from 10:00am - 12:00pm at our Administration building in Guelph.

Aftercare Program
The Aftercare Program is a facilitated group where former residents can meet weekly to test their new-found skills while staying connected to our program and staff and the guidance it offers. The Aftercare Program is available to residents who have completed at least three months of the Stonehenge residential program. Clients can remain in the Aftercare program for up to two years after leaving the residential program.

And thanks to the development of a new Regional Aftercare Program, now clients from the Stonehenge, House of Friendship and Homewood Health Centre residential addictions programs can attend the Aftercare program of any of these three agencies, thus giving them more choice of group dates, times and locations. Clients must contact the respective agency to determine eligibility and session dates and times. Once available, a new Regional Aftercare brochure with all the details will be posted here. 

Alumni Association
The Stonehenge Alumni Association is an integral part of our therapeutic community. It offers Stonehenge graduates the opportunity to give back to the community by supporting residents. This is done through mentoring, outing support, role-modeling as well as organizing social activities such as our Walkathon. Please see our Alumni Association webpage for more information.


Note on Residential Program Rules
In order to maintain the highest degree of safety and respect for our residents we have well-defined rules and guidelines. Potential clients must understand that violating any of following four major guidelines may result in immediate discharge from the Stonehenge treatment program.

  • The use and/or possession of drugs, including alcohol, is absolutely prohibited.

  • Threats or acts of violence are absolutely prohibited.

  • Engaging in sexual activity with other residents while in treatment is absolutely prohibited.

For the same reasons as above, the use and/or possession of electronic devices (cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, etc) is also prohibited.


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