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Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

"Giving people another chance at life"

We're celebrating our 45th Anniversary in 2016! 

You can help us celebrate with a donation of $45 for 45 years.

We're currently preparing stories for our theme of "45 Stories for 45 Years" to be displayed at our AGM in is one of them;



Rob B.
Stonehenge Alumnus and Board Member

"All of my life I have struggled with addiction and mental health issues. I was raised by 'the system' after being taken from parents by CAS due to their own addiction issues. My younger years were spent in and out of various institutions and jails; I never learned how to be a part of society. In the early 80's I was sentenced to 10 years in the penitentiary. I was day-paroled to Stonehenge in 1988. I agreed to treatment to get out of the violent prison atmosphere and sometime during my stay at Stonehenge, I changed.

I took the tools that I learned at Stonehenge and incorporated them into my new way of living. I went back to school, got married and kept out of trouble for years, until my phone rang on May 25, 2003. It was my daughter Robin Lee, calling to tell me that my son Sean had died. Sean was 20 years old. He had fallen to his death from the underside of a bridge. I picked up dope that day and a few days later I drove to New Brunswick for my son's funeral - a funeral that I don't really remember because of the drugs I took to numb the pain; numb everything.

I used hard for 6 years and overdosed a number of times, but was always fortunate to be around someone who knew what to do to resuscitate me. I pushed everyone away who cared for me, including my daughter. It was as though I lost both of my children that day. I used non-stop until I lost everything and everyone. I could no longer be trusted. I hated myself and figured the worst that could happen was that I would end up with my son. I gave up on myself.

Quite by accident, I ran into a man who had previously worked at Stonehenge back in 1988. He was now part of the Homicide Investigations Unit with the Waterloo Regional Police Service. The second time we spoke he told me I'd better pick up the phone before it was too late - make the call and go back to Stonehenge. I made the call, and after checking in every week for many months, I got word that a bed had opened up for me. I arrived at Stonehenge in June 2009 and I've been drug and alcohol free ever since.

Today I am 7 years drug and alcohol free. I am an active member of the Stonehenge Alumni Association as well as the Stonehenge Board of Directors. I have a great job and have earned the confidence of the company owner and my peers. My recovery has helped me to build a life and a career that has opened doors that I never knew existed. I purchased a new vehicle earlier this year and am considering a mortgage for my first home. I recently returned from participating as a speaker in a 12-Step Convention in Cartagena, Columbia.

I give credit for the life I have today to Stonehenge; for giving me another chance to live the life I deserve as a contributing, tax-paying and voting member of society. Thank you to the many people on the front lines and behind the scenes that make the Stonehenge machine work. You're saving lives..."

Rob B. 


Executive Director's Welcome Message

Hello, and welcome to Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, one of Canada's longest serving substance abuse treatment programs. I'm pleased you've chosen to visit our website and learn more about the broad range of programs we offer to adult men and women with chronic or acute substance use issues. It is my sincerest hope that we can help you, your friend or your family member.

When Dr. John Dougan first established Stonehenge Therapeutic Community in 1971, his goal was to provide quality residential addiction treatment to his clients who suffered from substance addiction, and in doing so, restore their hope, dignity and self-respect.

Since that time, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community has grown into a renowned facility that offers a full spectrum of addiction treatment programs to clients and their families, as well as those involved with provincial and federal corrections. Our services range from our local 'Let's Grow Together" day support group for pregnant and parenting women to our long-term residential programs we offer men and women from across Ontario, throughout Canada and out of country.  Our newest Outreach and Addiction Support programs are community-based and provide coordination of services to people where they are situated.

With 45 years of experience in helping people overcome their substance addiction, I believe Stonehenge Therapeutic Community has exceeded Dr. Dougan's vision and become a benchmark in addiction treatment and prevention, empowering our clients with the skills to choose a healthy lifestyle and thrive within their communities.

I encourage you to read through all of the webpages on our site. You can also view or download the brochures for some of our programs. Click the following links for our Men's Residential program, our Women's Residential program, our Let's Grow Together program and our Specialized Outreach Support program.  If you don't find the information you're looking for, I hope you'll contact us to learn more.


Heather Kerr, MSW, CSW
Executive Director
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community 

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 Click here to see Stonehenge's 2014-17 Service Agreement with the WWLHIN. 

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